Clothes Without Limits is a professional consortium of 13 independent childrenswear companies that challenge gender clichés in children’s clothing. We stand united in our belief that “the options they see show them who they can be.”

The entrepreneurs behind each company are all parents who began making children’s clothing because they felt the narrow selection of childrenswear available at mainstream retailers put limits on their children’s imaginations – and they decided to do something about it!



Clothing is an important way children express themselves, and the options today are far too limited. Even at a young age, children definitely notice when retailers divide clothing so starkly into “boys” and “girls” colors, themes, and styles. We want that to  change! Through Clothes Without Limits, we aim to:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of the messages sent by children’s clothing
  • Show the world the true variety of children’s interests (which are not limited by gender)
  • Help parents discover more options as they shop for clothes



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