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Why are only 11% of engineers in the United States women, and only 8% of nurses men?

We tell our kids they can be anything they want when they grow up, but their clothes tell them something different. Dinosaurs, insects and science-themed clothes are relegated to the boys’ section, while girls have the market on caring and kindness cornered. Want to fix the gender gap in careers? Let’s start by fixing the gender gap in children’s clothes!

We launched Futures Without Limits to remind the world that what we offer our children to wear can either reinforce that “you can be anything” message or undermine it. Kids’ clothes should celebrate a range of possible careers as diverse as children’s interests, like these positive examples from our member companies. To learn about the inspiration behind each design, click the arrow below it.

Future Astronaut

Future Dad

by Jill and Jack Kids. “We should strive to make our children's worlds reflect our hopes for a future where men and women are treated with equal respect, and have equal access to and responsibility for all aspects of life. Only our own choices as consumers and business-owners can make that change happen.” -Jenn Neilson, Founder, Jill and Jack Kids

Future Environmentalist

by Baby Blastoff! “Who is more fascinated by the natural world than a curious toddler? At Baby Blastoff! We believe in encouraging children, both boys and girls, from an early age to take an interest in the amazing world around them and help care for our home, the Earth.” -Emily Bennett, owner and designer of BabyBlastoff

Future Geneticist

by Svaha. “We created our ‘Dancing DNA’ dress to celebrate a love for the double helix and inspire the next generation of genetic researchers! This design was made to honor the accomplishments of the female pioneers of Molecular Biology, like Rosalind Franklin, and help create a world where girls feel welcome entering into STEM fields!” -Eva Everett, Co-Founder, Svaha

Future Geologist

by Orange Clever. “Girls love rocks and gems not just because they are shiny, but because they like to explore, dig and find new things. That's why we designed our Rock Heart shirt for all the girls that love science from the heart.” - Magdalena Martinez, Owner and Designer at OrangeClever

Future Nurse

by Quirkie Kids. "Boys are lots of things. They are cool and tough, but also caring and sweet. Our 'Hearts Away' tee shows boys that it's okay to embrace their softer side. We hope messages such as these encourage boys to consider nurturing professions such as nursing or teaching." - Martine Zoer, Founder Quirkie Kids

Future Paleontologist

by Princess Awesome. “Our ‘She-Rex’ Dinosaur Play Dress was the first in our Princess Awesome line because dinosaurs are universally loved by all kids, and yet they only appear in the boys’ section of mainstream clothing stores. We wanted to honor girls’ love of dinosaurs and show that loving dresses is completely com- patible with loving paleontology.” - Rebecca Melsky, Co-Founder, Princess Awesome

Future Pilot

by buddingSTEM. “Our ‘Future Pilot’ dress celebrates the history of women in flight. It shows girls that women have along history of achievement in flight, and sends the message that girls can be pilots or aerospace engineers.” -Malorie Catchpole, co-founder of buddingSTEM

Future President

by Handsome in Pink. “2016 is such an exciting year for Americans as we hopefully elect our first female president! At Handsome in Pink, we want girls to know that they are our future leaders and their intelligence and confidence has so much more value than their looks; we want to see them reaching for the stars and being the future leaders our planet needs.” -Jo Hadley, Owner & Founder of Handsome in Pink

Future Professor

by Free To Be Kids. “We designed Smart Girls Club to celebrate girls for their brains, not just their beauty, and send them a message of confidence. Interestingly, while half of PhD graduates are female, women make up only 23 percent of full professors in the United States. We hope messages like this will help change that.” - Courtney Hartman, Owner and Designer at Free To Be Kids

Future Programmer

by Clever Belle. “Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer, however when asked, most people don’t know her accomplishments. At Clever Belle, we intend to make amazing, intelligent women, like Ada Lovelace, well-known for their achievements, so girls have role models to look up to and believe they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up.”- Cindy Tank-Murphy, Co-Founder, Clever Belle

Future Robotics Engineer

by Jessy & Jack. “Women are woefully underrepresented in engineering fields, and robots are woefully underrepresented on girls’ clothes. Coincidence? We designed our gender neutral Robot Friends shirt to show girls that robots are for them too-- and to show boys that shiny things aren’t just for girls.” - Courtney Hartman, Owner and Designer, Jessy & Jack

Future Scientist

by Girls Will Be. “Far too many girls lose interest in science around middle school, despite an early love of it and being as academically capable as boys. We designed our ‘The Chemistry Of Me’ shirt to combat all the messages out there telling girls science is not for them – because it absolutely is!” - Sharon Choksi, Co-Founder, Girls Will Be


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