• Why #ClothesWithoutLimits?

    Because the options they see show them who they can be.

    Limits on kids' clothes put limits on kids

    Today’s choices in kids' clothing are far too limited – we’re working to change that for girls and boys!

    The #ClothesWithoutLimits campaign was founded by ten small businesses who care about the messages kids see when they shop for clothes. Kids definitely notice when retailers divide clothing so starkly into “boys” vs.“girls” colors, themes, and styles; and that sends a limited message about what they are supposed to like and who they are supposed to be.

    Let's change that!

    With your help, we aim to:

    • Raise awareness of the importance of the messages sent by kids’ clothing
    • Show the world the true variety of children’s interests (which are not limited by gender)
    • Help parents discover more options as they shop for clothes this back-to-school season.

    You can help!

    We need your help! Join our campaign by using our Facebook page to share stories and photos of the children in your life, the things they love to do (and wear!), and the messages you’d like to see when they shop for clothes. And tag everything with #ClothesWithoutLimits!

  • We're in this together

    Small businesses who care about the messaging on kids' clothing

    Boy Wonder

    Bright colors. Unicorns. Adorable animals. Sparkles. Rainbows. That’s not what you find in the boys’ section of most mainstream stores - because gender stereotypes work both ways. Why don’t all the things boys love exist on their clothing? We think they should, so we’ve decided it’s time to make clothes for all those little boys who are not only strong and tough and sporty, but also sweet and cuddly and WONDER-ful.

    Clever Belle 

    Clever Belle makes creative apparel for adventurous women and girls who want to wear artwork that expresses their interests and dreams. Clever Belle's unique "Women of Influence" designs encourage girls to pursue their passions.

    Free to Be Kids

    Founding Member
    Free to Be Kids designs kids' clothes that battle gender cliches head-on. We celebrate sweetness in our boys and brains in our girls. We think girls can rock tigers and boys can love kittens. And we believe all kids deserve a broader set of choices and messages.

    Girls Will Be

    Founding Member
    Girls Will Be…so many different things! We design clothes for the girls who love colors beyond pink, no sparkles or frills, gender stereotype-busting graphics, and an in-the-middle fit (not-too-fitted, but not-too-boxy). Our t-shirts, hoodies, and signature “not-so-short shorts” give girls more options to express their individuality.

    Jill and Jack Kids

    Founding Member
    Jill and Jack Kids is a social enterprise making kids’ clothing to inspire the next generation of leaders to think beyond pink and blue. We make playtime-worthy clothes that change the messages we're sending to kids. Jill and Jack Kids clothes are eco-friendly and socially responsible and come in fun, bright colours that kids love!

    Princess Awesome

    Founding Member
    Girls shouldn't have to decide between dresses and dinosaurs or ruffles and robots. We're a different kind of girly.

    Quirkie Kids

    Founding Member

    At Quirkie Kids, we believe that there are no boys things and no girl things; just things. We make gender neutral clothes for kids with a wide range of interest from rainbows and unicorns to sharks and dinosaurs. We also make clothes with inspirational messages that challenge outdated gender norms.

    Smarty Girl

    The Smarty Girl mission is to empower young girls to pursue what makes them unique through clever clothing that encourages curiosity. Because girls are more than hearts and flowers!
  • Boy Wonder

    Boy Wonder brings unicorns, hearts, rainbows, STEM, and bright colors to boys' clothing because boys are WONDERful and deserve to have a broader range of options to express themselves through what they wear.

  • Clever Belle

    Clever Belle makes creative apparel for adventurous women and girls who want to wear artwork that expresses their interests and dreams. Clever Belle's unique "Women of Influence" designs encourage girls to pursue their passions.

  • Free To Be Kids

    Free to Be Kids battles negativity and gender cliches in children's clothing with positive messages and stylish, on-trend design.

  • Girls Will Be

    Girls Will Be designs clothes that break the mold! From science tees and dog jerseys (without sparkles or frills!) to our signature “not-so-short” shorts (with pockets!), we celebrate the wide variety of girls’ interests and styles.

  • Princess Awesome

    Princess Awesome makes clothes that honor and reflect the wide range of girls' interests - think dresses with dinosaurs, rockets, STEM, vehicles, and more!

  • Quirkie Kids

    At Quirkie Kids, we don't believe in labels. Our clothes are for kids. Period. End of Story. No boy clothes. No girl clothes. Just clothes. #genderneutralkidwear

  • Smarty Girl Leggings

    No offense to unicorns and princesses but girls can't be what they don't see. Smarty Girl leggings are ethically handcrafted and feature STEM designs traditionally marketed to boys.

  • As Featured In

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